Fern Valley Eco Estate

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For single mothers and their children. The motivation is to create a proto-type eco-estate and self-sustained, safe environment for highly skilled single mothers and their children who have lost their homes, jobs, income, vehicles, businesses, etc. due to the trauma of losing their husband/father through death and divorce.

This development will provide the much needed security and structure to enable the family to get back on their feet.  Once restored, these women can share, contribute their knowledge and skills in establishing other places of safety for different situations. For example, drug rehab centres.

The Fern Valley Eco-estate will comprise of:

  • Neat 2 bedroom cottages of which the basic design has already been done by a local Architectural Firm.
  • Each land portion will have its own white picket fence which will ensure each family’s privacy and make it pet friendly.
  • Each unit will be powered by solar energy and will be constructed using eco friendly methods.
  • Common open space areas to be used for recreation, (hall, shop, swimming pool etc.)
  • Small scale farming for sustainability.
  • Small farm stall and market with a community centre for education and skills training.
  • We envisage using new technology for the recycling of sewer water in an eco-sensitive system.

On the 10th of March 2009, we have approached the Ndlambe Municipality and inquired to purchase 15 ha of Portion 8 Fern Valley, a Portion of the Farm Grove Hill, Farm No 280 in the Bathurst Rural District.

This specific portion of land is ideal for such a development and fulfills all the requirements for a proto-type development.  It has arable land where growth of produce is self-sustainable on each erf, there is good underground water supply, it lends itself to solar energy, the site is next to the Bathurst/Port Alfred road and therefore the proximity to Port Alfred and Bathurst provides easy access to schools, shops, recreation, etc.

A Spatial Development Framework and Technical Solution has been requested, which we to date could not do as it is quite a costly exercise and more funding is needed. If the Ndlambe Municipality approves, they will then get 3 market related prices on agricultural property and will then establish a purchase price for said property.

Project statusProject Status: Still the same as described above.

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