Our Plan of Action

“We are operating from Port Alfred, a small town but destined for great things.  We have the zeal to stand firm and support individuals until their dignity and self-worth have been restored.”

The registration of The voh Trust, IT3988/08 and Section 21 Company, PBO 930039413 enables us to:

  • receive donations which will be a tax deductible benefit to the donor,
  • purchase property for purposes of :
  • places of safety
  • affordable accommodation for the working youth
  • accommodation for single pregnant women
  • education
  • support centres
  • create new businesses and job opportunities
  • establish where the needy areas are and finding resources to assist
  • assist in skills development and entrepreneurship for both young and old

assist in promoting these areas for tourism

coordinate a one stop care centre for rape/abuse victims, National Prosecuting Authority, Plight Crises Pregnancy Centre, Port Alfred Hospital, Port Alfred Police and Child Welfare

Also to engage in any activities as set out in the Deed of Trust and Section 21 Company.


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Contact Details

Executive Director

Anette Crous

Phone Numbers

Office: 046 624 5004
Cell: 076 4850 896

Physical Address

1a Portsmouth Road
Small Boat Harbour
Port Alfred
Eastern Cape
6170 South Africa

Email Address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donate to:

Banking Details

The voh Project
Cheque Account
No: 1021931292
Branch Code: 122005

Company Registration

Voh Trust No: IT 3988/08
Section 21 (Non-Profit):
Public Benefit Organisation:
PBO 930039413